Network Monitoring System

Newest generation software enabling supervision of devices in ICT networks.

  • NeseserAbout

    NESESER NMS enables monitoring of LAN networks of any size ranging from 2 to several thousand devices.

  • Description

    Neseser NMS is a system for monitoring and diagnostics of ICT networks. It communicates with devices via the following protocols: PING::ICMP, PING::HTTP, PING::TCP, SNMP and SSH. It performs real time readings and analysis of all parameters delivered by those devices (like: ping time, packet loss etc. – in total a few dozen parameters).

  • Functionalities

    Network monitoring

    Real time readings and graphical presentation of status (on/off) of all protocols.

    Prezentowanie statusu sieci

    History of readings

    Recording history of readings and its presentation in diagrams.

    Wizualizacja sieci

    Network maps

    Drawing a network map (the structure of connections between devices, hierarchi of devices and their geographical location).

    Wizualizacja sieci

    Many other…

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  • Advantages

    The software is fully generic – it can communicate with devices of all manufacturers. Moreover, it can be easily personalized by adding another protocol.
    The system is very efficient and fast-operating, it is capable of monitoring networks consisting of thousands of devices without losing its fluency.

  • Benefits

    Quick diagnostics – network failures are visible immediately, with respect to particular protocols in particular devices. Therefore the location of the failure can be determined very quickly, without the necessity of checking the whole network or its large fragment.
    – Full information about the network.

  • Target customers

    Entities who can benefit from using Neseser Network Monitoring System are companies and public institutions who possess large wireless networks (from a few to several thousand devices), like: factories, public offices, hotels etc.

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